Burnout & Adrenal Fatigue

Conquer Adrenal Fatigue

Bounce Back from Burnout FAST

Improve Overall Health & Recovery

Resolve Stress

> Re-Train Your Endocrine Imbalances, eradicate Hypoglycemia & Hypo-Adrenia 

> Increase Your Physical Energy

> Achieve Better Sleep & Reduce Your Stress

> Identify Compromises to Health and Recovery

Always Feeling Tired? Overwhelmed? or Stressed?

With life being so stressful these days, its no wonder our adrenals (who produce the stress hormones to enable us to fight/flee) are over stimulated and thus utterly exhausted!

You find yourself hitting snooze over and over again and making mental compromises to your morning routine just so you can delay getting up an extra few minutes…

Rolling out of bed and heading straight for a coffee fix…

You’ve got a million things to do today and being tired is not an option!

By the end of the day you don’t want to talk to anyone, or go out, or do something for yourself… nope, its time to sit on the couch with chocolate and wine and mindlessly scroll through social media while watching Netflix in your exhausted, mind-numb state. 

Did you know that recovering from anything becomes extremely difficult when you have adrenal fatigue?

Not only that, but while living in a state of stress, you are more susceptible to developing dis-ease since the immune system is shut down by the constant stress hormones!

Do you make compromises to your life due to being too tired or overwhelmed?

How many areas of your life are affected by fatigue?

Living in flight / fight survival mode stops you making conscious new choices and decisions, because the part of your brain (frontal lobes) that makes new decisions doesn’t have enough blood and oxygen supply to do so while in “Survival” mode.

Because you’re in “survival mode” you need that extra blood and nutrients to help you survive! You need to react instantly by ‘running’ away from or ‘fighting’ the threat. Threats used to be lions and tigers and bears! These days we chemically respond to all kinds of daily stressors that aren’t necessarily life threatening, in the same way as an actual threat.

Do this often enough and your nervous system makes being in survival mode a habit, and rather than coming out of this defense state, you get stuck there, and your poor old adrenals are run off their feet pumping out enough hormones to regulate this un-supportive habit until they cannot pump no more! All the while your pancreas becomes exhausted trying to regulate the adrenal response, making you more susceptible to insulin resistance.

In order to restore the adrenals we first must reset them, then re-train them out of the un-supportive habit of staying in survival mode, this is very easily done in my ‘Burnout Recovery’ process, from there, we must support them with specific nutrition and lifestyle moderation to rejuvenate the adrenals and give you energy again! 

Imagine being able to wake up in the morning and go about your day without relying on caffeine and stimulants or naps! to get you through the day…

See yourself being present and awake enough after work to be able to enjoy your loved ones and be able to say yes to social events and enjoy them!

What would having steady energy mean for you and your life?

Imagine getting better quality sleep… zzz

How light and energized would you feel if you could release all that stress your holding on to??

Ready to find out?

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