Burnout & Adrenal Fatigue

Take Your business to the next level & stop leaving unclaimed money on the table!

Overcome Adrenal Fatigue

Bounce Back from Burnout FAST

Improve Overall Health & Recovery

> Re-Train Your Endocrine Imbalances, eradicate Hypoglycemia & Hypo-Adrenia 

> Increase Your Physical Energy

> Achieve Better Sleep & Reduce Your Stress

> Identify Compromises to your Health and Recovery

Always Feeling Tired? Overwhelmed? or Stressed?

With life being so stressful these days, its no wonder our adrenals (who produce the stress hormones to enable us to fight/flee) are over stimulated and thus utterly exhausted!

You find yourself hitting snooze over and over again and making mental compromises to your morning routine just so you can delay getting up an extra few minutes…

Rolling out of bed and heading straight for a coffee fix…

You’ve got a million things to do today and being tired is not an option!

By the end of the day you don’t want to talk to anyone, or go out, or do something for yourself… nope, its time to sit on the couch with chocolate and wine and mindlessly scroll through social media while watching Netflix in your exhausted, mind-numb state. 

Did you know that recovering from anything becomes extremely difficult when you have adrenal fatigue?

Not only that, but while living in a state of stress, you are more susceptible to developing dis-ease, since the immune system is shut down by the constant release of stress hormones!

Do you make compromises to your life or business due to being too tired or overwhelmed?

How many areas of your life are currently being affected by fatigue & stress?

Living in flight / fight survival mode stops you making conscious new choices and decisions, because the part of your brain (frontal lobes) that makes new decisions doesn’t have enough blood and oxygen supply to do so while in “Survival” mode.

Because when you’re in “survival mode” you need extra blood and nutrients going to your muscles to help you run/fight & survive!

Threats used to be lions and tigers and bears! These days we chemically respond to all kinds of daily stressors that aren’t necessarily life threatening, in the same way as w would to an actual threat.

When you do this often enough and your nervous system makes being in survival mode a habit, and rather than coming out of this defense state, you become stuck there, and your poor old adrenals are run on over drive pumping out enough hormones to maintain this un-supportive habit until they cannot pump no more!

All the while your pancreas becomes exhausted trying to regulate the overactive adrenal response, making you more susceptible to insulin resistance an associated illness.

In order to restore the adrenals we must first reset them, then re-train them out of the un-supportive habit of staying in survival mode, this is easily done in my ‘Burnout Recovery’ process, from there, we must support them with specific nutrition and lifestyle moderation to rejuvenate the adrenals and give you back your energy. 

Imagine being able to wake up in the morning and go about your day without relying on caffeine and stimulants or naps, to get you through the day…

See yourself being present and awake enough after work to be able to enjoy your loved ones and be able to say yes to social events and be mentally present!

What would having steady energy mean for you, your life & your business?

How light and energized would you feel if you could release all that stress your holding on to??

About you

You’re a passionate, powerful & career driven success magnet, purpose matters to you!

Hard work, god given talent and strategic risks have seen you rise to success, with room to expand.

However recent personal/relationship loss has rocked your core and left you feeling unmotivated & utterly exhausted, you can’t seem to push through this fatigue and sorrow, all the while your ability to maintain business and keep the empire you fort so hard to build is diminishing before you.

You know better than anyone that you need to get back into service ASAP, but just getting out of bed and going through the motions right now is exhausting and your life’s work, which used to bring you so much joy, now seem’s uninspiring, it’s been weeks, even months now, and while you’ve been getting counselling, your progress still seems painfully slow and the thought of getting back to business at full capacity makes you want to crawl back to bed.

When your reality shatters, much of your past stress will come up to the surface in your vulnerable state, this very shock to your nervous system can literally flatten your energy and suppress your joy, keeping you stuck in an unproductive holding pattern.

When things are going well; you burn through energy and push yourself to the limits, and while you’ve noticed a decrease in energy over the last few years, kicking this burnout ASAP and getting back to your soul’s work IS your highest priority.

You’re ready to recapture your spark and drive for life,

You’re ready to recuperate your mind state and increase your sense of peace, joy and freedom.

You’re ready to build your natural energy production through solid foundations.

You are ready to do what it takes to get back to business FAST and smash your income & expansive empire rising!!

How can I help you??

I use muscle checking to access information within your nervous system (which can be done in person or just as easily via surrogate for distance sessions). Since everything is energetic by nature we are all connected, and energy follows intention always.

By using myself as a surrogate for the purposes of uncovering information within your nervous system, I can guide you forward onto your unique path of recuperation.

Similarly to an electrition, I check your bodies electrical pathways to find out exactly where the bodies circuit’s are broken (electrical information channels), these broken messenger channels create a major road block in your natural ability to recover on all planes and may or may not result in specific symptoms.  

I then use a solution orientated process with my Neuro-Training background to interpret this information and find the unique solutions required to restore the circuits and allow the flow of natural recuperation to return, and as we clear out the road blocks to your recovery, you will notice that your symptoms start to disappear…

The solutions & tools that I use are vast and endless, and completely directed by your subconcious and nervous system. They could literally be anything under any of the 4 major components that make us human: Mental, emotional, physical, energetic.

We might have to activate neurological reflexes, add or delete something nutritional, diffuse specific emotional stress, reorganize meridian flow, activate the body to remove toxins, reapir the gut, integrate the brain, address core beliefs, retain hormonal integration & communications, neurologically re-boot the adrenal glands, stimulate your lymphatic system, teach your immune system to stay on, the list is endless!

It’s like taking your nervous system to school to learn better neurological habits and learning how to process past issues that have remained unresolved and continue to consume vital life energy.

The zoom 1:1 sessions require your active involvement in the process and you should be prepared follow up with supportive nutrition and any other necessary lifestyle adjustments to achieve the absolute best results long term. 

Packages available:

Back on Track Energy & Mindset Pack –

5 Week Intensive

This includes ×5 1:1 sessions, support between sessions + Support Modules.

This Pack is fabulous for resolving major energy draining compensations, getting your body & mind back on track to enhance your body’s natural healing ability.

Clear out hypoglycemic reactions, reboot your adrenals and dissolve major past stress that’s still active in your subconscious.

Enhance circadian rhythm to achieve better quality sleep and allow your adrenals (& body) to recuperate and much more.

Burnout Recovery VIP

10 Week Package 

This package includes: x8 1:1 sessions, support between sessions ++ Support Modules

Covering all of the above 5 week intensive, we goes even deeper into another level of recuperation & re-training of your nervous system, this not only clears the immediate blockages it also provides you with a solid foundation for your long term recovery, allowing us to clear more stress and in-congruence that’s standing between you and where you want to be.

This package will help you establish the necessary tools for you to manage your own stress and fatigue going forward into the future.

I have limited availability as I invest a lot of time and energy into each of my clients, therefore places are limited.

I only work with people who are committed to achieving their best results and are prepared to take responsibility for their own recovery and supporting their progress during and after our time together.

I am dedicated to assisting you to smash your business and life goals with stable consistant energy and rediscovering your inner happiness.

After working with various clients for 10+ years, I can confidently say that every client has had wonderful and typically life changing benefits from our time working together, including; increased energy, motivation, wellness and generally feeling much happier in themselves and about life. 
(Myself included!)

If you want to not only save your business but also take it to the next level, understanding what your mind body and soul requires to have the energy and motivation to get there is invaluable.

If your done leaving money on the table due to fatigue, stress and burnout then get in touch today and lets see if we are a match to work together.

Places are limited.

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