Neuro-Training Kinesiology

Neuro-Training + Kinesiology

“People Spend Their Life LIVING or DEFENDING Which will you choose?”

Neuro-Training is a process of creating Better Neurological Options in order to ‘re-train’ the nervous system so that you can better Recuperate from any mental, emotional, physical or energetic dis-stress.

Neuro-Training uses a wide selection of ‘hands on techniques’ that have been proven to enhance human functions. The enormous tool box of techniques incorporates the latest advances in Neuro science with a vast range of natural modalities and wisdom from the East.

Using kinesiology as a verification tool, information is accessed through the nervous system via muscle monitoring.

By challenging the nervous system in various ways and monitoring the muscles response we can assess where you are becoming ‘stuck’ in specific life contexts or specific issues.

We then challenge your nervous system further to find what will strengthen your whole system and provide a ‘Better neurological option’ for your subconscious to reference at a cellular level.

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Because I understand that everyone is unique and everything is connected, no two Neuro-Training balances are never the same!

Neuro-Training respects your individuality, allowing your Subconscious to freely express what YOU need to Recuperate & function to your highest potential.

YOUR innate systems will show what you require as the highest priority.

All coaching sessions incorporate Neuro-training Kinesiology where required

Limited in person sessions available.