Grief & Loss Coaching

Healing from significant loss occurs when:

– Emotion is in Motion

– Stress & shock in the mind & body are dissolved

– Seemingly lost values & safety are restored

– New supportive neurological networks are created

Allowing yourself to be present with the thoughts and feelings that come through you as your brain processes and adjusts to your new reality without the physical presence of your loved one.

Grief is timeless.

You can be consumed by grief for months or many years.

You are perfectly normal for feeling exactly how you feel.

Its not silly or strange that you dream that they somehow survived or didn’t leave, only to wake up and be hit by the painful reminder of what is.

Grief can be a lonely, confusing and isolating experience.

Growing up no one teaches you how to process emotions or how to find relief from the trauma and shock that comes with losing someone significant in your life.

Until I started clearing out the neurological trauma 10+ years after of losing my mother at the age of 12, I really thought life was just meant to be average and sad for the most part, like seeing the world in shades and not being able to experience of all of the colours and light that exist in the world.

Many years later when I released the stress & shock in my system, I began to feel happiness radiating from within, for the first time ever & for no external reason, I just felt amazing! As though my natural joy tap had been turned on properly for the first time ever.

There is no better feeling than having joy and love in your heart & your entire being, without feeling guilting for healing. Living in state of depression is not living, it’s existing.

Only feeling good inside when external factors are going well creates an extremely volatile inner world. The more inner stability you have, the stable the world around you appears.

Grief that lasts many years often exists as a symptom of unprocessed components of your loss. It can also show a lack of safety and certainty within yourself, as you feel that was lost with your loved one.

Establishing what was seemingly lost and rebuilding your neural network to find that value within yourself helps you to feel complete and not so “robbed” of what stability was taken away when your loved one passed, this creates sense of completeness within yourself, and allows you more ease in accepting the loss and becoming more present in your life moving forward with what truly matters to you.

Grief doesn’t have to be a life sentence, I once believed it was.

When you resolve the stress around the thoughts & feelings that have become stuck in processing then you can move on towards a brighter, happier future, with a new connection to your loved one and yourself.

I have help many clients and friends over my 11+ years as a Neuro-trainer Kinesiologist & Coach, to resolve shock and stress that has resided in their subconscious and body and kept them feeling triggered and unhealed even many years later. The relief and lightness that comes across a person who has been blocked for a long time is often immediate and very uplifting to see.

My grief and loss coaching incorporates all of my knowledge, skills & modalities via a coaching package to help your achieve peace, relief and happiness.

My work is most suitable for you if you feel you are ready and willing to start feeling better, there is often some time early on where you simply aren’t ready to accept the loss or feel better just yet and that’s perfectly normal.

You will find benefit working with me whether you have lost in more recent months or many years/decades later, where your life is still being negatively impacted by the grief.

I work with you 1:1 via Zoom or Phone.

All enquiries please reach out via email:

Facebook group: “Healing Hearts Grief Recovery Circle”