Overcoming Break up’s

She stared deep into those once familiar deep brown eyes, her sight now slightly blurred by the tears beginning to swell… Seeing those pained and weary eyes reflecting back at her, Kellie finally realised the enormous toll her relationship had taken on her.

Remembering how her mother had cried and pleaded for her to leave Andrew, she now understood how her pain was hurting people she loved…

Once a strong, happy woman, full of hopes and dreams for the future, now all she saw was a mask covering deep hurt, anxiety, uncertainty and sadness, she now felt shame and conflict about who she really was.

Feeling like an addict, she still craved his attention.. his touch.. she wanted that glimmer of good times and intense feelings that came with loving a narcissistic man, but the mental hurt and tormented lows were greatly out weighing the highs that came few and far between.

Realising her relationship was toxic.. slowly killing her on the inside, she pulled up all her courage, packed up, and left him.

Alas there was little relief for Kellie, as she struggled to process her thoughts, feelings & re-establish her sense of self worth. She wondered how long it would take and how much more pain she would have to endure before she ever felt truly happy and free again… If ever.”


Relationships exist in all forms of life, whether romantic, family, friends, societal etc. Whenever a deep connection is severed by divorce, break up or death, you can struggle to process the change & painful emotions that dominate our mind and disrupt our ability to function or get on with life.

Learning how to live and do life without that physical connection can be completely overwhelming and inconceivable, you may feel: unsettled, unloved, guilt, sadness, abandoned or lost, sometimes for many years after the event.


. What is this pain and mental distraction cost you?  What are you missing out on because of the dis-stress you’ve endured?

. Do you wish you could resolve the stress and guilt that haunts your mind after losing a deep love, connection or having your life up turned by a split in relationship?

Did you know that releasing specific stress and appropriately processing events requires a specific yet individual process that can only be found by asking YOUR subconscious and nervous system how to break free of the emotional ball and chain?

Think About this…

How could your life be different if you were truly able make peace with where you are and what you’ve been through…?

Imagine that instead of feeling depressed, unloved and alone, you could wake up each day feeling energized, motivated and excited about the future!?


What could your life be like if you felt Happy. Confident. Alive. Excited. Motivated. Free…!??

If you’d like support and help in processing and eliminating the stress that holds you back from being your happy, uplifted and confident self, then you need more than just counselling, more than just time… YOU NEED Neurological and cognitive re-wiring to discover the best version of you!

Short Track your progress by getting to the Cause and changing your Neurological Response to the past event/s.. 

This is what you’ve been searching for, so don’t look for an excuse or a reason to put it off, start NOW & take control of your life NOW. It’s time for you to start living again!

Free yourself from excessive pain, and get in touch today, you’ll wish you had found this years ago, but no matter how long ago the trauma occurred you have the power now to reclaim your joyful, successful, wonderful self.

“If you don’t take control of your emotions, they will take control of you.”

* Working with me one on one we will find your inner strength and build you up from where ever you are, creating self love and appreciation.

* We will defuse the stress from your past and restore your happiness, setting you free to live life to the fullest!

I know you’re anxious about getting help, I was too, and I’m so glad I did because now I love life, now I live in a consistently happy state!

It is my life’s mission to help you live your happiest most fulfilling life possible, no matter what the past has thrown at you. If you want emotional freedom you’ve come to the right place, you wont find a combination like this anywhere else..   

Life waits for no one… The time to find your freedom is now..


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Jodie Leek

Neuro-Trainer, Kinesiologist, Counselor, Mindset Coach

Warrandyte, Melbourne, Vic.